Hotels near Via Veneto in Rome

The Dolce Vita

The sweet life surrounds Rome, and the Via Veneto is an ideal place to experience it. Designer shopping, exquisite dining, and historic sightseeing are all around the Via Veneto, and the hotels near the Via Veneto in Rome offer you luxury, comfort, and unique Italian hospitality to make your trip to Rome unforgettable. Shop the latest designs, hot off the Italian runway, and taste the local cuisine. Italians close down their shops at midday for a siesta, and then reopen in the afternoon. Return to the Via Veneto in the evenings to enjoy the nightlife. Dinners are usually around 8 pm and have multiple courses with an appetizer, meat course, paste course, and a light desert. Don’t forget your after dinner drink to cleanse the palate. Remember, Italians believe in enjoying the day and not rushing through it.

Sightseeing by the Hotels near Via Veneto in Rome

The Via Veneto is within walking distance to several Piazzas, such as Piazza Barberini, Piazza del Popolo, and Piazza de Spagna. Visit the Pantheon and see the exquisite architecture built in 125-118 AD, as well as Raphael’s tomb. Shopping for Italian leather goods is fantastic around the Pantheon. If you are looking for shoes or purses for a great price in Rome, the area around the Pantheon is ideal. Visit the Spanish Steps built in the 18th century and see the beautiful fountain at their base. The Trevi Fountain completed in 1762, displays Nicola Salvi’s architectural genius. It is the largest baroque fountain in Rome and truly spectacular during the day and lite up in the evenings. Museums, such as the Villa Borghese and the National Gallery of Ancient Art in Barberini Palace, are excellent options when you wish to see great examples of artists such as Caravaggio, El Grreco, Michelangelo, Bernini, and many more. Sightseeing does not need to be expensive and you can visit several pieces of great artist’s works when you visit the local churches in Rome. These two museums in particular are well worth your time and money to visit. The Fontana della Api on the Via Veneto was sculpted by Bernini (1627-1629) if you want to see a prime example of Bernini’s work while you are shopping for a designer Italian handbag.

Ciao Ciao

Parking facilities in Rome are hard to find, and navigating the streets can be difficult due to the number of pedestrians. Romans walk everywhere or make use of the public metro and bus system as much as possible. If you prefer not to walk from the hotels near Via Veneto in Rome you would be better off taking a taxi where you want to go and let the locals maneuver the streets for you. Some of the hotels near Via Veneto in Rome, such as the Hotel Veneto Palace, the Grand Hotel Via Veneto, the NH Collection Roma Vittorio Veneto, offer airport shuttles and have private cars to make transportation easier on you. The Ambasciatori Palace Hotel does not offer an airport shuttle, however, they do provide car rentals if you want to try your hand at maneuvering the streets. They can also schedule tours for your sightseeing days. Carrying around a small translation book is most helpful as well. Some Italians speak English or other languages, but you would definitely benefit from having a small translation book to check prices and learn a few phrases while you are in Rome.