Located close to the city center in Pomezia, the Hotel Selene Pomezia offers guests close access to the beach and shopping. Guests will enjoy the 195 air conditioned guest rooms beautifully decorated and filled...
Located in the heart of beautiful Pomezia, guest of Hotel Sporting have easy access to the many local attractions. The Zoomarine is a must see as well as enjoying a little shopping at the Castel Romano Outlet. Relax...


Hotels near the Zoomarine in Rome

Booking the right hotel for your trip to Rome, Italy can be pretty overwhelming with all the choices available. Although the planning can be overwhelming, it takes just a little planning to find the best hotels near the Zoomarine in Rome as your home base. Once you have done all the time-consuming work involved with finding the right hotel, you can then focus on enjoying the sights and sounds of this beautiful city.

No matter how long you are planning to visit the city, be it three days or three weeks, finding something to fill your days will not be hard to do. Tourists to the city can choose to follow the typical tourist path and visit the main attractions the city has to offer. Or if you are one of those tourists that prefer to see a city in your own unique way, the beauty of Rome will no doubt seduce you with its inviting and alluring enticement-filled activities. There is so much to see and do that it will be hard to leave this gorgeous city. While staying at one of the hotels near the Zoomarine, Rome, be sure to visit one of the most popular attractions in the area, the Zoomarine Theme Park. Even if you don’t have children with you, a stroll in this park will bring the city scenery alive.

Exciting Attractions

Rome is one of world’s most photogenic cities, not surprising when you consider all that is here. The Vatican, the Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Square, Colosseum, and much much more will keep you clicking the camera button or recording a video of all the sights surrounding you. Don’t forget to check out the many museums and ancient churches that line the quaint streets of a little known neighborhood called Pomezia.

This area has a number of excellent world class hotels such as the Simon hotel and the Hotel Selene Pomezia. Both hotels are located in a very convenient location and come with a wide array of amenities which may leave you making a difficult choice between staying in the hotel and enjoying your surroundings or seeing some of the many attractions in the city. The hotel provides easy access to public transportation that will make it easy to get around.

See the City on Foot

Although there are many kinds of transportation available throughout the city, seeing the city by foot is your best bet. Since there are so many attractions – famous and fairly unknown – walking ensures you see everything. If you tire of all the walking and sightseeing, try visiting the many beaches in the city. Most beaches can be reached within an hour all around Rome. If you don’t want to travel far most of the hotels will have swimming pools for your pleasure. Some even have rooftop pools for their guests.

Another excellent choice for a hotel is the Altea Suites Hotel Residence Pomezia. This hotel is also close to the Zoomarine Theme park and ideally located in Pomezia, Rome. If you want a classier, high-end hotel, the Altea Suites hotel is a great choice. Book way ahead of time and you may even get a decent rate on this classy hotel. If your budget is a little light, the Hotel Sporting is one of the best rated hotels that will make you feel like you’ve entered a high-end hotel but at much less the price. If you plan right and book early you can take advantage of seasonal rates and discounts on many of these hotels.

Whether you are visiting Rome for business or pleasure, you can get an affordable deal on hotels in  Zoomarine in Rome. If this is a pleasure trip, this means you will have some extra cash in your pocket to spend at all those delightful little antique and trendy shops. Feel free to sip on some tea at one of the glamorous cafes and flood your taste buds at some of the fabulous restaurants. Not to mention the amazing attractions that brought you to Rome in the first place. When you book a room at the best hotels near the Zoomarine in Rome, you’ll be right in the center of all the area has to offer.