The Roosevelt, a Coast Hotel is just a few blocks from the Seattle waterfront. That makes it a perfect choice for travelers who prefer beach hotels. When you’re not busy swimming, fishing, or boating, you...
The Hilton Seattle Hotel is located in the downtown area of Seattle on 6th Avenue. It is a newly-renovated hotel with large and clean rooms, modern amenities, and is a 100 percent smoke-free property. It is also...

Beach Hotels in Seattle WA and Guide

Beach Hotels in Seattle

 The City, the Sun and the Surf

 There are a lot of advantages to visiting a big city on the West Coast, especially one as fantastic and exciting as Seattle, but probably the greatest of these are the wide variety of excellent beaches.  Make sure you don’t spend all your time indoors, no matter how good the art and music is, and make a reservation at one of the fine beach hotels in Seattle.

 With over 10 separate beaches along the Puget Sound and Lake Washington, 9 of which are lifeguarded by the Seattle Parks and Recreation, you could spend your entire vacation on the sand!  And why not?  What says great vacation more than a good tan and beach sand in your flip-flops?  Pretty much nothing, in fact, but if you need more on top, the city awaits when the sun goes down.

 A Day in the Sun and a Night in Comfort

 For every beach waiting to warm you in the sun and cool you in the water, there is a hotel waiting to offer you a restful night when you’re done.  And with all that swimming and sunning you’re going to be doing, you’re going to want to pick one that’s close by.

 Fortunately, there are plenty of beach hotels in Seattle just close enough that no matter how active you are on the beach, your bed won’t too far away.  Book a room at the Edgewater near Alki Beach, or the Silver Cloud Inn near Madison Park Beach.  Or better yet, get your accommodations at the Paramount Hotel in Downtown Seattle, smack dab between both.  No matter which, or how many, of the beautiful beaches in Seattle you mean to visit, the high-quality nearby hotels mean you can spend more time being there, not getting there.