Located in the Bellevue area of Washington State, the Factoria Mall is a premier shopping destination. Home to the KidsQuest Children’s Museum and countless retailers and restaurants, you can enjoy a day of shopping...
For an all-in-one shopping experience in the Bellevue area, the Factoria Mall is the place to be. With beauty services, retail, and dining opportunities, this Washington mall is the perfect place to spend the day....

Hotels near the Factoria Mall and Things to Do

Hotels Near Factoria Mall in Seattle   

 The Factoria Mall is a popular shopping destination located in Bellevue, Washington. Located just outside of Seattle at the Interstate 90 and 405 intersections, the shopping mall offers a variety of retail and dining options. With 5 department stores and 60 retail locations, you will easily be able to enjoy a fun day of shopping before returning to hotels near Factoria Mall in Seattle.

Such retailers as Target, Old Navy, and DSW Shoe Warehouse call the Factoria Mall home, so you can get bargain after bargain by visiting each retailer. The mall also offers a nice variety of restaurants, so you can take a break from shopping to dine on new and exciting cuisine.

Hotels near Factoria Mall in Seattle include the Hilton Bellevue and the Days Inn Bellevue Seattle. Each hotel offers quality accommodations and are just a few minutes from the shopping mall and the Seattle area. The Hilton Bellevue offers the ultimate in comfort amenities and services. With an on-site restaurant, coffee shop, and recreational activities, you can easily relax and unwind after a long day of shopping. The hotel even offers suites with a concierge level so you can rest in the lap of luxury.

The Days Inn Bellevue Seattle offers spacious accommodations and is also just minutes from the Factoria Mall. While staying at the hotel, you will be treated to a complimentary Daybreak continental breakfast each morning and have access to free Wi-Fi as well! Upgrade to a kitchenette room with refrigerator and microwave for an affordable extended stay.

Things to Do

There is much to see and do in the Bellevue/Seattle area, starting with the Factoria Mall. After shopping and catching a bite eat, why not visit the on-site children’s museum? The KidsQuest Children’s Museum is located on the property and is not only fun for kids but adults too! Explore the hands-on museum, created for infants to 10 year olds. From art to science and technology to culture, the museum has exhibits that will stimulate the imagination and create fun vacation memories.

While at the mall, you can also enjoy a massage or salon services. Hair stylists and an on-site spa provide for a relaxing break from shopping. And once you have visited the mall, be sure to visit a few hot spots in the Seattle area including the iconic Space Needle!

Getting Around

Since the Factoria Mall is off the interstate, it is easy to reach in a vehicle. If you traveled by airplane, most hotels near Factoria Mall in Seattle will offer shuttle service to nearby attractions and shopping destinations. A cab can also be used to reach the mall or other hot spots in the Bellevue or Seattle area. You may find your hotel is also within walking distance so you can just walk to the nearest shop and enjoy the day.

Additional Information

To truly experience the Seattle area, Pike Place Market is not to be missed. The marketplace is one of the oldest in the country and provides you with the sights, sounds, and tastes of Washington state. Enjoy food, music, shops, and more when visiting the popular tourist stop.