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Hotels near the Seattle International Airport and Guide

Half the Fun is Getting There

 But the other half is arriving!  After a long flight, nothing feels better than touching down on the tarmac and knowing you’ll get to stretch your legs.  At the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport stretching your legs has never been so much of an adventure!  While most airports are satisfied being simply a port between destinations, the Sea-Tac Airport has gone the extra mile to BE the destination.  Don’t let your travel experience pause between the flight and the city while you rush through the terminal blindly in a mad dash to collect your baggage and move on to the next stop.  Slow up, inhale, and take a look around you.  From the moment you step out from the gate, you’ll find yourself amazed with all that it has to offer. From places to eat to places to shop, hotels near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and all the services between, it’s obvious why it has been called the Port of Seattle!

 An Attraction Unto Itself

 What better way to introduce you to the wonders and amazement of Seattle proper than with an airport that is a tourist attraction all on its own?  It isn’t just about the unbelievable selection of cafes, snack bars, and restaurants like African Lounge and Seattle Taproom or the Alaska Lodge and Sports Page Pub.  It isn’t just about the variety of stores and outlets like Dufry Duty Free, Dilettante Chocolates & Mocha Café, and Emilie Sloan.  A lot of airports offer you something similar.

 However, do other airports have kiosks for renting the latest television show and movie releases? Do other airports provide you live musical performances seven days a week?  That’s right, you didn’t read that wrong.  The Port of Seattle is waiting to offer you not only something delicious to eat, great places to shop but actual live music.  What better way could there be to come down after landing?  And don’t forget, waiting just beyond the front doors, are an amazing selection of hotels near the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

 Those Who Wander, Wonder

 Sure, you could hop in a cab after your long flight and stay in any number of high quality, top-rated hotels in Seattle.  But why travel that much farther after just getting your feet under you again.  Don’t simply wander off and let yourself wonder what could have been.  Select from one of the many high quality, top rated hotels near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport itself.  From the Ramada to the Red Lion, from the Comfort Inn to the DoubleTree, there is a room waiting for you moments from your arrival with services to support whatever you have planned for Seattle, be it business, pleasure, or somewhere between.  From the friendly staff and service, to the multitude of excellent shops and services, to the convenience of nearby accommodations, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is much more than just your gateway to Seattle.  Book a flight, and a room, today and discover how much more than an airport an airport can be.