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Festival City is a Must for Your Utah Travels

With a stay in Cedar City, you have a vast number of things to see and experience . Hotels in Cedar City, Utah, place you in a central location near lots of recreation options. You can see both Cedar City and St. George with a convenient day trip, particularly when you stay at the Quality Inn Cedar City, Stratford Court Hotel Cedar City, and Crystal Inn Hotel & Suites Cedar City.

Shakespeare, Sports, and Water Fun

Cedar City is known as the Festival City. The Shakespearean Festival is on-going during the summer and fall months with an eight-show repertory season. You can easily attend your favorite with the variety of plays that the city offers.

Southern Utah University is the place to be if you are a sports fan. You can see collegiate games and tour the university in the same day. Explore the 10,000-foot Cedar Mountains or enjoy the hiking and biking trails of the national parks. The Brian Head Resort is a great place to enjoy when you travel in the winter months. Have fun on the slopes and feel the wind in your hair.

Traveling families should definitely visit the Cedar City Aquatic Center on West Royal Hunt Drive. It has an indoor and outdoor pool, a hydro tube, and a lazy river, so you can relax and float along. The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Cedar City is the closest to this family-friendly recreation.

The Frontier Homestead State park Museum is perfect for people of all ages. See the rotating exhibits depicting life in the Old West. Stage coaches and early American artifacts are preserved here for your enjoyment.

Getting Around

A rental car is definitely the way to travel when you stay in Cedar City. You can cover more ground space with your own vehicle and then be able to attend recreation in both Cedar City and St. George, Utah without additional commute time. Some hotels, such as the Crystal Inn Hotel & Suites Cedar City, offer an airport shuttle service for your convenience. You can rent a car near your hotel and not have to worry about rushing to catch a flight when you arrive and return.