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A Guide to Princeton Heights, MO

The Height of Charm

What once was a bustling and important center of agriculture and trade is now your ticket to getting to know the down home character of a great city when you make a reservation at the hotels near Princeton Heights in St. Louis.  Bordered by parks and right off a main highway, it provides a great place to relax, shop, and dine.

Right On The Way To Everything

Even before Highway 30 was paved and given its current name, it brought people to and from the downtown area of the city.  Under the name Gravois Avenue, it provided access the local salt spring and ferry as well, and it ran directly through what is now Princeton Heights.  At the time, somewhere near the end of the 19th century, the neighborhood was made of farms and known only as Gardenville.  It supplied fruits and vegetables to the bigger areas of the city, plus some were sold straight off the cart to nearby residential areas.  As the world changed, so did the area.

Though the farms gave way to homes and small businesses, it remained right on the main road to everything.  Today, a stay at the hotels near Princeton Heights in St. Louis will give you that same advantage; the chance to take in all the big name sites of the downtown area and the opportunity to enjoy the slow pace and calm ambiance of one of the city’s older neighborhoods.

Complete with Iconic Architecture

It wouldn’t be right to discuss this historic part of St. Louis without discussing the one feature that makes it such a mainstay of the area.  Yes, there are plenty of great small businesses, local shops and delicious places to eat.  And there is, of course, more than one beautiful park right on its borders, most notably Wilmore Park.  But, the thing that makes it a true representation of its home are the gingerbread houses. Drive down any street, explore any block, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the iconic brown brick buildings and unique architecture that define the character of the city.  So, take in a picnic at the park and don’t miss the chance to buy a souvenir at one of the stores.  Just make sure to take a drive to see what truly makes this a one-of-a-kind place.

And A Great Place to Call Home

What would all this charm and convenience be if you didn’t have an amazing place to head back to at the end of the day?  With the selection of hotels near Princeton Heights in St. Louis, your nights are guaranteed to be just as incredible as your days.  You could choose the Red Roof Plus and get the benefit of newly upgraded rooms with free Internet for a very affordable nightly rate.  Book a room or suite at the Hampton Inn and find free Internet and breakfast included with your spacious accommodations.  Perhaps you’d prefer the elegance of a boutique hotel?  Make your reservation at The Cheshire.  Or, go for the gusto and get tons of on-site dining and gambling at the River City Casino & Hotel.