When you have the opportunity to experience history firsthand, you’re going to want to spend more than just a day doing it.  Book a suit at the Extended Stay Canada – Toronto – Vaughn and get all the comforts...
No matter how amazing, intriguing, and educational your visit to the Black Creek Pioneer Village is guaranteed to be, after spending the day two centuries in the past, you’re going to want to relax back in the...

Black Creek Pioneer Village

Leave the World Behind

The modern world is a busy place. There aren’t many areas in the world left that you aren’t inundated with the sound and fury of instant communication, media mania, and corporate chaos. And though everyone appreciates the convenience of progress, it wouldn’t hurt now and then to get away from it all and spend a moment in a simpler time. By making a reservation at any one of the quality hotels near the Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto, you will be able to achieve that very thing. A living representation of an 1800s crossroad village, it is both a museum and attraction that provides hours of entertainment and information. Whether you are a well-researched historian or simply a curious tourist, the Black Creek Pioneer Village will captivate while it educates and challenge you to look at the modern world in a whole new light.

The Past Reborn

There are a lot of reasons to visit Queen City in Ontario but when you choose to stay at one of the hotels near the Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto, you won’t just be traveling over land, air, or sea, you’ll also be traveling through time. Imagine being able to go back home to your friends and family and tell them that you one upped every trip they’ve ever taken but not only seeing the sites in Canada but also turning back the clock to see its past as well. With over 35 restored heritage buildings in the Victorian village, it is a living representation of a time before the advent of automobiles, computers, and cell phones.

Enjoy a simple walk through the streets and interact with the locals or choose from one of the three main programs available to all patrons every day. Follow the A Day In The Life Tour and see history come to life at each and every one of the historic sites, experiencing everyday life exactly how it happened two hundred years ago. Go on the How It’s Made Expedition and see how all the machines and shops operated in the 1800s, from the blacksmith to the tinsmith to the brewery. And for the younger time travelers, there’s the Country Kid’s Trail that takes bits and pieces from the other two tours and puts them together into an adventure that is sure to delight kids of all ages and bring out the kid in any adult.

Take Your Time

The chance to relive a time before even your grandparents were born isn’t something you should rush through. Book guest rooms or suites at the hotels near Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto and stay for a while. Whether you stay at the Comfort Inn Toronto North, the Extended Stay Canada, or one of the other excellent choices, you’ll be close enough to go from the comfort of a quality room to the wonder of the 19th century and still have some time to head back to the present to enjoy everything else that Toronto has to offer.