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Learn More About the Hotels in Markham - Richmond Hill in Toronto

A Captivating Past

The first settlers to the Richmond Hill area can be traced back as far as the Paleo-Indians in 9000 to 7000 BCE, based on artifacts and relics found in over 14 sites throughout the area.  These tribes gave way to the Early Iroquoian people whose oldest site was discovered on the east side of Lake Wilcox covering over 12,000 acres and dated at around 1300 CE.  After they moved on in 1500, the site was largely empty until the Mississauga Indians made it their home.  The Toronto Purchase, which gave the land that would become the great city and its surrounding area to the British, created a point of contention with the Mississauga at first. The Richmond Hill area was not meant to be part of the deal, but by 1797 they had moved on again and it was left to European settlement.

Being remote, more than one family made an attempt to stay, but it wasn’t until French Royalist settlers called it their home in 1798 that it started down the road to becoming what it is today.  Learn more about those years and the next two hundred that saw it break from its connections to the Vaughan township and stand on its own when you book rooms or suites at the hotels in Markham – Richmond Hill Toronto. Hotels like Sheraton Parkway Richmond Hill, Novotel, or the Radisson are great places to start looking for ideal hotel accommodations.

A Inviting Present

Toronto is a beautiful city and deserving of every minute you can spend admiring it, whether you have to work during the day or get to spend all of it taking in the sights and sounds. Don’t head back onto the highway or plane before you take in everything around you at hotels in Markham – Richmond Hill.  To start, there are 166 parks under the Town of Richmond Hill Parks, Recreation, and Culture department, the largest of which is the Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park with its own baseball diamonds, skating rinks, amphitheater, and skate park.

Next up, for the sports lover, there are more than 15 sports clubs in the city, from curling to canoe, from soccer to squash.  Finally, move on to Canada’s largest wave pool with a swirl pool, sauna, and a 160-foot water slide, the summer Concerts in the Park, and the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. You’ll soon find that being a visitor just isn’t enough.

A Promising Future

Being one of the fastest growing communities in Canada means this city can only go from great to amazing, and you’ll have a ringside seat when you make a reservation at an inn or hotel in Markham – Richmond Hill.  And how could it not?  It has been home to such personalities as world-champion figure skater Elvis Stojko, hockey player Bob Wall, Major League baseball player Peter Orr, and Olympic Rob Rusnov.  Follow the example of these great people, and make it your home away from home when book hotel rooms or suites for your next trip to Ontario.  You’ll get an amazingly comfortable room or suite combined with great services and amenities in a location that will keep you business from morning to night.