Starwood Hotels recently announced they’ve opened a hotel in Havana, Cuba. President Obama’s administration made successful efforts to ease tensions between Cuba and the U.S. While tourists are still unable to travel to Cuba without restrictions, there are 12 situations in which you can go to Cuba. Here’s what you need to know.

12 Ways to Travel to Cuba

Cuban Assets Control Regulations changed with new amendments taking place in March 2016. While sanctions are still in place, there are a dozen ways you can legally travel to Cuba. They are:

1. Visits with family members living in Cuba
2. Educational trips to Cuba
3. Trips for official government business
4. Trips involving humanitarian projects
5. Trips for concert tours or other public performances
6. Competitions like sporting events
7. Journalism assignments
8. Religious trips
9. Business meetings
10. Trips to support Cuban residents
11. Exportation/importation
12. Professional research trips for private foundations and institutes.

Things to Know if You Travel to Cuba

Should you take a trip to Cuba, you should know that you can only bring $100 worth of Cuban cigars or alcoholic products with you when you return. You cannot bring back more than at total of $400 in Cuban goods, and this includes the limit for cigars and alcohol.

While laws allow you to use debit and credit cards in Cuba, but it’s up to you to verify your bank will actually authorize transactions. Current regulations do not force credit card companies or banks to accept Cuban transactions. It’s best to verify this information before you travel.

Laws still block U.S. residents from leasing or purchasing a home in Cuba. You can, however, enter a lease if you are only leasing the property for the duration of your stay. Given this, if you’re with a larger party and want to book a vacation rental property rather than a block of hotel rooms, it is allowed.

Book a New Hotel in Cuba

On June 27, 2016, Starwood Hotels & Resorts opened Four Point Havana on Quinta Avenida. This 186-room hotel hosts a pool surrounded by palms and plenty of lounge chairs. There’s an on-site spa, a gym, and every inch of the building is smoke-free. Guests even enjoy free Wi-Fi during their stay. There are six dining options at Four Point Havana. Don Quijote Restaurant and El Olivo offer international fair. There’s Bar Daiquiri or 5th Avenue Cigar Bar for cocktails, coffee, and other drinks. If you want lighter fare and snacks, head to Snack Bar Montebarreto or the Habana Coffee Shop.

Now’s the time to plan your trip to Cuba. As long as you meet the criteria, this is a gorgeous island to explore. Beaches are beautiful and there’s culture around every corner. is happy to find you a hotel in Cuba that is affordable and meets your needs. Book online or call an agent today.