The Coast Coal Harbour is a glorious work of modern architecture. There’s a restaurant on the premises, and at the start of every morning, they offer breakfast to all their guests. This hotel is located near the...

Vancouver's Coast Hotels

Coast is a brand that puts so much work into their locations that they look more like immaculate art galleries more than hotels. You would be hard pressed to find better looking establishments than Vancouver Coast hotels. From the moment you set foot inside the doors, you will see why so many people flock this hotel brand every time they are into town. Check-in at the front desk of Coast hotels in Vancouver and prepare to be wowed.

The Staff

The best thing about staying in a Coast hotel is the amount of information that their staff provides. They work to direct you to the best destinations this city has to offer. You could dig a little bit deeper and find other places that might have previously lurked beneath the surface or take their recommendations and spend some time at hidden gems that many tourists miss. If you find yourself in a position where you plan to return to Vancouver every year, you should mix it up and go to different locations each time you’re in the city.

Get Close to Nature

Nature is a beautiful thing regardless of the city you’re visiting. Vancouver is a destination that will give you the opportunity to see things that you will never forget. One of them is the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. With suspension bridges, platforms, and treetop paths, you’ll see some of Vancouver from a unique perspective. Once you’re done traipsing through the wilderness, you can head into the city and get a bite to eat. In between these events, you might want to shop. Since Vancouver is one of the biggest cities in Canada, you could go anywhere you wanted. There are stores that have every product imaginable.

You’ll Want to Return

By the time you have to leave Vancouver, you will begin looking through the other Vancouver Coast hotels to see which one you want to book next. While all these hotels come from the same brand, they each offer a unique experience. You might find hotels that look as great as hotels in Vancouver, but odds are they won’t provide you with a similar level of service or care.