When you’re day starts with a fresh cup of coffee brewed in a Keurig machine, passes with a tour of the nearby Granville Island Public Market, and ends with a wine reception right in the hotel, you know you’ve...
Surround yourself with the unique charm and beauty of the island, while pampering yourself with the undivided attention and lavish services of a delightful boutique hotel. The Granville Island Hotel happens to be just...

Granville Island Public Market

For The Love Of Food

There is no doubt that Granville Island is a must see stop when you are visiting The Couve but you would be doing yourself an enormous disservice if you stopped by and didn’t take advantage of one of the best reasons to visit.  Make a reservation at one of the hotels near Granville Island Public Market Vancouver and you’ll discover what it truly means to have a deep and abiding love for food.  Row upon row of gorgeously decorated and delightfully inviting stalls immediately catch your eye, but in mere moments, your nose joins in the experience as you catch the aroma of fresh baked goods and more spices than your brain may be able to handle.  Spend the day perusing the market, sampling dishes created from local ingredients by resident experts and you may find, as the sun sets, that you’ll just need to start all over again in the morning

The Seasonal Farmers’ Market

If you can, time your visit so that you can also take part in the seasons farmers’ market, one of the oldest in the area. You’ll be able to purchase delicious fresh produce from local farms.  Your experience doesn’t have to stop at eating or buying.  If you’re even a little interested in trying your hand at creating equally delicious and beautiful dishes yourself, your room or suite at the hotels near Granville Island Public Market Vancouver will get you close to a long list of experts who are more than happy to lead the way.  Get unique recipes to try, and learn all the tricks from a very friendly group of residents who have dedicated their lives to the art of baking and cooking.

Creature Comforts Collide

What goes best with a day spent enjoying top-notch home cooked meals and local ingredients?  How about a comfortable place to sleep and relax surrounded by warmth and a friendly face?  Take just as much delight in your nights as you do in your days when you book a stay at one of the hotels near the Granville Island Public Market Vancouver.  Start with a location that exudes the local culture and beauty, as much as the market, and make a reservation at the Granville Island Hotel.  One of the area’s beautiful boutique hotels, it offers a relaxing getaway from the action of the city, while being perfectly located along the stalls of the market.

Elegant Accommodations 

Perhaps you want something a bit more upscale and fancy?  Stay at the Executive Hotel Vintage Park and get the same excellent boutique experience as the Granville Island Hotel, but with more of a touch of big city sensibility.  Another option is to save a bit more of your money for the market and be right in the heart of downtown for nightly entertainment with a room or suite at either the Best Western Downtown or the Best Western Chateau Granville. Both of these hotels are equally as elegant and paired with great services, like free Internet and pet-friendly guest rooms. Any stay is the perfect stay no matter which of the hotels near Granville Island Public Market Vancouver you choose for your stay.