Situated at the base of Grouse Mountain, the North Vancouver Hotel is well-equipped for your traveling needs. Offering a boutique-style experience, the hotel can provide you with complimentary amenities including...
Located north of the downtown Vancouver area, the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites North Vancouver is well-equipped for your vacation or business travel needs. With over 160 guest rooms and suites, the hotel can provide...
With 95 guest rooms and suites, the Comfort Inn and Suites North Vancouver is an ideal accommodation choice for visitors making their way to one of the hotels near North Vancouver. Every morning a hot breakfast...
Imagine enjoying modern accommodations with waterfront views of Downtown Vancouver. Now add in dining, a swimming pool, and plenty of transportation options. Don’t forget the fitness facility that also has...

North Vancouver

Hotels near North Vancouver

Skiing, hiking, and biking are all popular activities that can be enjoyed in the North Vancouver area of Canada. Nestled at the base of the North Shore Mountains, the city offers picturesque views, miles of forest, and plenty of attractions for an enjoyable stay. Hotels near North Vancouver provide you with direct access to the most interesting areas of the city with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to explore. Choose an affordable hotel to spend more time taking in the local arts and culture scene, or upgrade to a luxury facility, where you can relax in style and comfort.

For an upscale experience, choose the Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier. This hotel is located at the waterfront with amazing views of downtown Vancouver. From every angle of the hotel, you’ll spot full views of the city skyline, which is beautiful both night and day. Dining, recreation, and fitness are provided at the hotel to be enjoyed during your stay, while the spacious guest rooms and suites supply a relaxing space to unwind after a long day of exploring the Vancouver attractions.

The Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites North Vancouver is a second hotel choice, one with affordable guest rooms and suites. This hotel is unique, as it offers themed suites for romantic getaways that include Jacuzzi tubs, microwaves, and refrigerators. For family travel, the hotel also provides one-bedroom suites with separate bedroom and living areas, which means additional sleeping space for parents traveling with children. Also included on the property is a restaurant, lounge, and spa for your dining and relaxation needs.

Things to Do

There is so much to see and do in the North Vancouver area, you may be at a loss as to what you would like to enjoy first. To see the amazing landscape and natural beauty of the city, consider going on a hike. The Grouse Grind is considered the most challenging and popular hiking area with a 1.8 mile steep path along the side of Grouse Mountain. The hiking trail, known as the Grind, is open from the late spring months to early autumn and is about an hour long. It is considered a natural thigh master, as it causes you to burn major calories during the climb!

Getting Around

There are several forms of transportation that can take you from your select hotel to a new destination within the North Vancouver area or beyond. Vehicles can easily traverse the city, or you’ll find taxi, limo service, and a water taxi as additional travel options. When traveling across certain waterways, the ferry is your best bet.

Additional Info

For an exciting evening out, travel from the hotels near North Vancouver to the downtown Vancouver area. Here you’ll find a nice selection of dining options, museums,  and arts galleries. Enjoy a lovely meal at a fine dining establishment before traveling to any number of nightclubs or entertainment venues to listen to music, enjoy a few drinks, and dance the night away.