Located blocks from the beach, English Bay Hotel is a great option for travelers visiting Vancouver for business, vacation, or a mix of the two.  No frills but all the convenience is wrapped up in this small hotel....

Hotels Near The University of British Columbia Vancouver

Overview of the University Of British Columbia Vancouver

Well-known for their research and teaching, the University of British Columbia is an amazing choice for a single class, seminar, or to enroll full-time. With numerous hotels near the University of British Columbia Vancouver campus, planning your visit will be easy.  The exceptional commitment to the students and their success and the faculty’s dedication to going against the grain, exploring new ways to learn and create, has gained the university a top 40 ranking among schools worldwide.

Staying at a hotel near the university is more than just an opportunity for a tour, but it’s also a true treat.  Experience the Japanese Nitobe Memorial Garden, with water fountains, a unique tea garden and its ceremonial Tea House, giving its visitors a rare peek into Japanese traditions.  Or, enjoy one of the daily Museum of Anthropology tours, exhibiting and explaining wonderful cultural pieces from around the world.

Hotels Near the University of British Columbia

With so many different hotels near the University of British Columbia Vancouver, visitors have choices of rooms, prices, locations, and styles! The Sylvia hotel is a 20-minute drive away, or about an hour on the Translink, with one transfer from the 04 to the 14. Only one block from The Sylvia Hotel is the English Bay Hotel, with the same transportation options.

The Coast Plaza Hotel and Suites is about two blocks away from both The Sylvia Hotel and English Bay Hotel, still offering the same choices for transportation to the University of British Columbia. Finally, the Best Western Plus Sands being right on the same block as English Bay Hotel.

Around the Area

All four hotels near the University of British Columbia Vancouver have great locations for accessing the English Bay, as they’re only a short walk away, and also other local attractions like delicious restaurants, nightclubs, and parks. This includes Central Bistro, a local-produce eatery, and a Starbucks for those coffee lovers. English Bay Beach is a great place to relax and enjoy the view or grab something to eat at the Cactus Club Cafe.