Hotels with Wi-Fi

Today, the Internet is considered by many to be an essential part of life. From searching for nearby shows or restaurants to keeping up-to-date with news back home, choosing one of the many hotels with Wi-Fi in Vancouver is a great way to add convenience to your stay.

Save Money with Free Wi-Fi

If you’re one of the millions who carry a smartphone everywhere that you go, Wi-Fi is an essential part of avoiding unexpected travel charges. If you’re not careful about where you connect your devices, you might have a shocking surprise on your next statement due to data roaming charges. If you’re traveling internationally, these fees can add up fast. Hotel Wi-Fi offers the ability to enjoy your phone and usual routines without the worries of added expenses.

Free Wi-Fi Options

If staying connected is essential on your next trip to Vancouver, there are two main considerations when choosing a hotel with WiFi—connectivity and speed. While many hotels offer complimentary Wi-Fi service, you might find that this only allows a single device to connect or that speeds are so slow you cannot work or browse the web. Always check the terms of the free Wi-Fi service, if it’s important, before booking.

Many times, the best option is a hotel that charges a small fee for upgraded Wi-Fi connectivity. In many cases, this is a faster tier of access designed for business use or video streaming and will ensure a quick, frustration-free experience.

If you carry multiple devices, or are traveling with family and friends, finding a hotel that allows you to connect multiple devices is a must. While this was most common when wired connections are prevalent, it is still a consideration with Wi-Fi as well. Asking the hotel before connecting is the best way to avoid unexpected charges come check-out time.