With an HSI score of 129, Victoria, Vancouver was rated best travel destination in all of Canada. According to a study recently completed by ReservationCounter, a leading online travel agency and recognized leader in hospitality research studies, Victoria scored the best rating in the Hotel Satisfaction Index ™ (HSI).

The HSI survey gathered data from the upcoming winter period of 2015 by analyzing four weekends: February 13 – 14, February 20 – 21, March 13 – 14, and March 20 – 21. The HSI study is calculated by factoring three main components of all hotels within a 12 mile radius from each city center. The factors are hotel star rating, guest rating, and price per night, with slight weighting given to guest rating score. The HSI rating determines the “best bang for your buck” and recognizes cities for their efforts to satisfy consumers in travel and tourism by offering real value.

Hotels in Victoria had an average guest rating of 3.9 / 5.0, better than the national average of 3.8 / 5.0.  Hotel prices in Victoria were $83.54 per night compared to the Canadian national average of $98.54 / night, a positive variance of 15 percent.  The average guest rating for hotels in Victoria was 3.9 compared to the national average guest rating of 3.8.  Travelers are happier with their stay in Victoria than they are at any other travel destination in Canada driven by lower cost, higher star rating, and better than average guest rating scores, according to the HSI algorithm.  Managing Director Rob Bruce of ReservationCounter stated, “The pleasant climate, combined with its decadent, serene style sets the atmosphere for a relaxing vacation. No doubt these elements contribute to its high consumer satisfaction rating.”

Brampton, Ontario came in second with an HSI score of 123.  Brampton had a high guest rating score with an average score of 3.8 / 5.0. The average room cost per night in Brampton was $79.16, 19 percent less than the Canadian average cost per night of $98.54.  Hotel star rating in Brampton was 2.6, versus the national average of 2.7 stars.  Coming in third is Langley, B.C. Rated high on the HSI index primarily due to lower hotel prices at $79.41, and better than average guest rating score (3.9), offset by lower than average hotel star ratings (2.5).

Regarding Victoria’s recognition, Trevor Long, Director of Hospitality and Tourism for Reservation Counter, noted, “Victoria is well deserving of this award. There are many independent factors that draw travelers to the area every year. The famous rustic and Victorian-style buildings make for a very vibrant scene. The coastline views as well as the whale watching are world class so I’m glad to see them receive the national recognition. The real difference maker is when an area has a lot to offer travel-wise as well as outstanding hospitality services. The HSI award speaks for itself and it definitely went to a worthy spot.”

The town of Chatham-Kent had the lowest average hotel prices ($73.79) and the lowest average hotel star rating (2.2) of all Canadian cities analyzed. Their hotel prices are 25 percent lower than the average hotel price of all cities surveyed.  For the budget minded traveler, Chatham-Kent offers the cheapest rates, but overall hotel star ratings are below the national average based on the HSI algorithm. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has the dubious recognition of having the highest average hotel price as well as the lowest HSI rating, making it essentially the “worst bang for your buck.” With its average cost of $115.20 per night and an average hotel star rating of 2.8, its no wonder they came in last place. Along with high costs, the average hotel guest rating was 3.5. This is lower than the average of the other cities scores.  Saskatoon does not rank well in the consumer HSI Index coming in at 74, well below the average of 100.

Below are the results of the HSI study

ReservationCounter Canada HSI Award


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