Gaze out over the ocean from your private balcony as you sip a cup of coffee in the morning.  Work out any time of the day with a 24-hour fitness facility and stay connection with free Internet.  It’s all part...
At the corner of 19th Street and Atlantic Avenue an aptly named hotel is waiting to give you the kind of convenience and comfort you deserve for your trip to Virginia Beach.  The 19 Atlantic is the perfect balance...

Hotels Near the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, VA

Three Miles of Magnificence

It doesn’t seem like a lot does it?  Three miles, in the grand scheme of travel across the country, seems like a very small distance.  It certainly doesn’t seem like it could pack much of a punch when it comes to attractions and entertainment.  But that’s exactly how the stretch of pavement waiting right outside the door of any one of the hotels near the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, VA, breaks the mold.  From the green grass of Grommet Island Park to the delicious dishes at Eat bistro, this boardwalk has as much to offer as all the streets in most cities.

With A Nod to Nature and Art

The first, and probably most prominent, feature that you’ll be taking advantage of with your reservation of the hotels near the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, VA, is the beach itself.  Running along the entire walk and beyond its northern border is one of the most beautiful places to catch some rays and splash in the surf.  Throw on your suit, grab a towel and chair, and then walk from the front door of whichever hotel you choose to your next day on the beach.  If you want a little nature without the sand, parks dot the length of the boardwalk, including the famous Neptune’s Park whose entry is guarded by the formidable, must-see statue of Neptune himself.  In fact, there is a ton of statuary to be seen gracing the side streets that lead to the walk.  And amongst those statues and streets, you’ll also find four different stages offering up live music.  You could easily make a day of just strolling up and down the three miles just outside your hotel.

And Plenty to Eat

Is finding new and unique places to eat one of the best parts of any of your trips?  Then the hotels near the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, VA, are just what you’re looking for.  Cafés, grills, pubs and restaurants collect in both quantity and quality all along the walk.  Whether you’re looking for a great burger, the catch of the day or just a cool drink, you’ll find more than one establishment waiting to give you a meal you won’t soon forget.

All You Have To Do Is Choose

Of course, with the kind of options you’re getting in the hotels near the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, VA, choosing may end up being the hardest part.  Before you hope that perhaps convenience will help you decide, each and every one of these quality hotels is footsteps from the boardwalk and beach.  Perhaps price will make the difference for you then.  Once again, all the hotels offer a fairly competitive nightly rate, though the Travelodge Suites may come in a bit under the others.  And if you like free stuff, breakfast and Internet is on the house at the Comfort Inn, Fairfield Inn and Travelodge while the 19 Atlantic has free parking and a rooftop deck to look out over the sand.  So, really, there’s no way to make the wrong choice.