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Neptune's Park in Virginia Beach

Pay Homage to the King of the Beach

Imagine King Neptune, Greek god of the sea holding court over all of the vast oceans and Neptune Park Virginia Beach too.  The 34-foot statue is very impressive, weighing 12.5 tons and constructed of cast bronze.  The rock base is 12-feet tall and has lobsters, dolphins and Octopi swimming around it.  With his left hand on a loggerhead turtle and a trident in his right hand, he oversees all the festivities.  It is located on the boardwalk and many hotels near the Neptune’s Park in Virginia Beach on 31st Street.  The park was open on September 30, 2005, and was dedicated to the city of Virginia and all its citizens.  Private funds were raised over a period of many years at the Neptune Festival to pay for the statue.

History in the Creating

It was a tremendous endeavor to first find the right sculptor for the job.  More than 50 entries were submitted, but finally the winning proposal was from Paul DiPasquale, a Virginia native from Richmond.  A factory in Ningbo, China, was chosen as the foundry and DiPasquale had to make several trips to oversee the 25-man team building it.  The statue was so large, it was shipped in three pieces. Due to it being in a hostile weather environment, they desired to make sure it could withstand the many ocean storms that hit the coast.

Neptune Statue was fitted with a stainless steel interior support that needed one and a half months of welding to put it all together here in the United States.  To hold the statue to the ground, there is a steel 30-foot beam securing it in case of a hurricane.  If you plan on coming to see the bronze statue, a stay at one of the hotels near the Neptune’s Park in Virginia Beach often allow you to walk there as often as you want.

Party With the King

With so many fun things to see and do, it will be hard to choose the events to attend in Neptune Park.  Attend the Neptune Festival’s International Spring and Fall Wine Festivals in May and September.  Taste wines from around the globe, start in Australia and head to France to experience the best the world has to offer without ever leaving Virginia Beach.  Attend Neptune’s Surfing Classic and ride the waves for prizes during Neptune Festival month.  You will need to pre-register to participate in this classic surf contest; it will begin early at 7:30 a.m., so plan on spending the night, at one of the hotels near the Neptune’s Park in Virginia Beach.

Listen to great music daily with concerts, live music, and a variety of entertainers as you stroll along the 32 blocks of boardwalk, by the ocean during Boardwalk Weekend.  Grab an ice cream cone or some famous crab cakes as you walk along or sit at a local restaurant and watch others while enjoying the sounds of summer.  Be sure to leave time to enjoy the local art scene and purchase a piece of handcrafted pottery or a treasure to bring home with you.   Don’t forget to bring your camera and to imagine the incredible memories this trip will create for the whole family while visiting Virginia Beach.