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A Guide to Poquoson, Virginia

Virginia Beach can seem a pretty daunting place to travel. For those of us who’d rather avoid the direct crowds and hang out somewhere a little more laid-back, there is fortunately a great community nearby. Hotels in Poquoson, Virginia, provide a perfect getaway with close access to Virginia Beach proper, without breaking the bank. Here are just a few reasons why Poquoson is definitely a place you should give a second look:

Rich History, Richer Accommodations

Virginia is nothing if not a historic state, and Poquoson stands as no exception to that rule. Founded in 1631 by English colonists, the city stands today, a testament to its charm and vitality. It formed a close-knit community (though historically very welcoming of outsiders) that survives in the same tradition to this day. This sense of historic charm survives in the hospitality of its many gorgeous hotels.

Things to See and Do

Hotels in Poquoson, Virginia, provide brilliant access to the city’s biggest attraction: its vibrant community of boating enthusiasts. Few places offer access to such beautiful dock service, and whether you’re interesting in kayaking or fishing – or something else entirely – the city has you covered.

This great community is also littered with quality eateries, and you’d be remiss to neglect its nearby – and appropriately massive – wildlife wetlands refuge. Nature-lovers won’t want to miss the area, for it offers some of the United States’ most gorgeous wetlands and coastal attractions.

Poquoson is truly a jewel among the Virginia coastline. With close access to Virginia Beach, coupled with all the convenience, affordability, and beauty of someplace a little more remote, fans of the eastern United States coast shouldn’t pass up this gorgeous destination. If you’re looking to settle in for a trip in the area, give this lesser-known, but deserving of its status, community a try. Nobody says it better than their own tourism board – “Poquoson is the place!”