Drive, walk, or take the metro from the Melrose Georgetown Hotel and you’ll be at Galvez Park and the Bernardo de Galvez Statue in less than 15 minutes.  Who else in Washington D.C. can offer you that kind of...
Before you finish that list of to-dos for your visit to the nation’s capital, make sure you add on a visit to the Bernardo De Galvez Statue off Virginia Avenue.  With a reservation at the Westin Washington, D.C....
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Hotels near Bernardo De Galvez Statue - Travel Guide

Hotels near Bernardo De Galvez Statue in Washington D.C.

 There are many prime attractions in D.C. and booking hotels near Bernardo De Galvez Statue in Washington DC puts you near many of them. Start your trip to the District of Columbia with a stop at this noted statue.

 A Champion of Liberty

 Bernardo De Galvez, a Spanish soldier who was served as Governor of Louisiana, began his support of the revolutionaries by smuggling goods up the Mississippi River in 1777.  Two years later, his involvement in the war began in earnest when he famously intercepted a secret letter from King George to General John Campbell that stated General Campbell should begin an attack on New Orleans.  Galvez immediately prepared Louisiana for war and won his first battles in Manchac, Baton Rouge, and Natchez, which freed lower Mississippi from the British forces.  He then went on to recapture Mobile and, more importantly, took back Florida for Spain.  His successes played no small part in the overall success of the war for America’s freedom.

 In Honor of Heroes

 With a history like that, it is easy to see why Governor De Galvez is honored in the Statues of Liberators in the nation’s capital.  In fact, it should be just as apparent why you should get a room at one of the hotels near Bernardo De Galvez Statue in Washington DC.  No matter what other reasons you might have for visiting the city, a trip to the Statues of Liberators is a must.  Even though Galvez was not an English settler, perhaps even more so because he wasn’t, the bronze equestrian statue raised in his honor fits in among the other famous landmarks in D.C..  Dedicated on June 3rd, 1976, during the country’s bicentennial, by Don Juan Carlos I, the King of Spain, it is testimony to the power of the idea of freedom, that it crosses all boundaries and matters to all peoples.  Galvez, and his fellow honorees at Virginia Avenue and 22nd Street N.W. stand as reminders of what makes America great and why everyone should make time to visit its capital and book rooms at hotels near Bernardo De Galvez Statue in Washington DC.