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Fairfield Inn Hotels in Washington DC & Guide

 Make the Most of Your Money

 Still full of Marriott tradition, this line of comfortable hotels was put in place with price in mind.  That means when you choose one of the Fairfield Inn Hotels in Washington DC, you don’t to worry about spending your hard earned money on a bunch of mandatory extras that you don’t want.  You’ll get exactly what you need and at a rate that will let you put your dollars where they should be, in enjoying the history, culture, sights, and sounds of the nation’s capital.

 Marriott may be the biggest hotel chain in business today, but they haven’t let that go to their heads.  Though they have a fine line of luxury hotels that boast expensive rooms in great locations, they have also kept an eye on economy as well.  To ensure that you can enjoy their legendary commitment to quality and the convenience of their perfect proximity to everything, the Fairfield Inn brand was created in 1987. It’s been a popular brand ever since.

 Location, Location, Location

 With two Fairfield Inn Hotels in Washington DC, located in key spots of the city, you might think that Marriott would have stopped there and put the rest of their effort into other things.  They didn’t.  Eleven more sites are available in the surrounding D.C. metro area, in towns and cities that are not only close enough to the capital to get you there without a fuss but also are also full of their own unique atmosphere.

 And to ensure that you could find just more than just an amazing price, some of those hotels are not just Fairfield Inn hotels but Fairfield Inn and Suite hotels in Washington DC, offering the same reasonable bottom line and doing so with an extra set of larger suites as well.  Save your money for what matters and see D.C. with the Fairfield Inn.