Just around the corner from the Holiday Inn Washington – Capitol, you will find the National Gallery of Art. This attraction not only displays famous works of art, but also has its own sculpture garden. When you’re...
You don’t need to book a trip across the Atlantic to enrich your life with amazing works of art from world famous artists.  The Liaison Capitol Hill – An Affinia Hotel will give you a quality place to spend...
The National Gallery of Art, located in Washington, D.C., is home to some of the most coveted pieces of artwork in the world. Achievements in sculpture, painting, and graphic arts can be seen in the many museum...

Hotels near National Gallery of Art & Guide

Hotels near National Gallery of Art

 No admission fee, outstanding works of art, and stunning architecture are reasons you want to book hotels near the National Gallery of Art. While there is plenty to see in the District of Columbia, the National Gallery of Art, free of any admission charge, needs to be at the top of your itinerary.

The Gift of Art

 In 1936, an art collector turned secretary of treasury decided that America deserved to stand proud with the rest of the great nations of the world and have an institute in which everyone could witness the wonder of powerful works of art. He offered up his own prolific collection of fine art and provided his own money to complete the construction of the United States’ first national art museum.  Working with renowned architect John Russell Pope, he designed an establishment for the display and appreciation of his collection right in the heart of the nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

 Though neither he nor Pope lived to see the doors opened in 1940 and even though he refused to have his name put on the building, his legacy lives one in the halls and walls of the monumentally important building he worked so hard to create.  Because of his generosity, and the generosity of many others after, you can make a reservation at one of the excellent hotels near the National Gallery of Art and bear witness to the greatest expression of the human spirit from artists all the around world and throughout history.

 A Collection Like No Other

 The art collected throughout the years since its founding in this one-of-a-kind museum, those that were once and still are on display, is simply breathtaking.  Book a room in any one of the hotels near the National Gallery of Art and you join the ranks of the millions who have been enlightened, educated, and enthralled by its incomparable contents.  See works from artists like Claude Monet, Jackson Pollock, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Whistler.  With an exhibition schedule to rival any gallery in Europe and a location near all the other important landmarks in D.C., this historical icon is a must-see for all visitors to the city.