The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum is home to 23 main exhibition galleries with the largest collection of historic aviation and space items in the world. While visiting the museum, the Hotel Monaco...
Located in Washington D.C. and operated by the Smithsonian, the National Air and Space Museum provides you with an inside look into the history of aviation and space, viewing thousands of artifacts on display. The...

Hotels near National Air & Space Museum & Travel Guide

Hotels near the National Air and Space Museum

 There are dozens of reasons to stay in hotels near the National Air and Space Museum, but free admission to the museum is one of the biggest. The Smithsonian has more than a dozen museums, including the National Air and Space Museum, and many of them do not charge visitors anything to tour the museum.

A Dream Realized

 In 1903, two brothers from Dayton, Ohio, made history when they piloted the first airplane in Kitty Hawk.  This bold experiment was the evolution of a persistent dream that permeated the human consciousness since the dawn of time.  After their success, that dream was realized and humanity moved forward in leaps and bounds to take to the skies.  When the sky wasn’t far enough any longer, space became the new frontier, and in 1944 the first rocket reached into the outer limits.  Only 17 short years later, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human being in space with American astronaut Alan Shepard close behind the same year.  And just like that, where in the same way the sky was conquered, so was space and the human race took its place among the stars.

 An Institution for Innovation

 Though it might be easy to take aircraft, spacecraft, and the amazing things they do for all people everywhere for granted, the idea represents a powerful story for all of humanity.  It shows what amazing things can be accomplished simply with will and creativity.  It proves that it doesn’t matter how many times anyone, or everyone, might say that an idea is impossible.  To celebrate this fact, and all the amazing history that accompanies it, book a room at one of the quality hotels near the National Air and Space Museum and witness the legacy firsthand.

 Originally called the National Air Museum, it was formed in 1946 during the presidency of Harry S. Truman.  With pieces dating back to 1876, not one building at the time could house everything on display and so they scattered exhibits amongst multiple buildings throughout Washington, D.C.  With the advent of space travel, the museum was renamed to the National Air and Space Museum and the current building was proposed to better accommodate everything it had to offer in one place.  The museum opened on July 1, 1976, during the Bicentennial, and instantly became a must-see attraction of the nation’s capital.

 A Reason of Its Own

 There are a lot of very good reasons to visit Washington D.C. and stay at hotels near the National Air and Space Museum. The White House, the Washington Monument, the National Mall, and the Lincoln Memorial are all excellent ones.  But the National Air and Space Museum is so full of American, and human, history that it alone is reason to make the trip. From the Apollo 11 command module to The Spirit of St Louis, from the space suit worn by David Scott on the Apollo 15 to the first aircraft to fly around the world, there is more to see and learn inside than can be fit into one visit.  And don’t worry about finding a place to stay that is close enough to make those multi-day visits a possibility. There are plenty of excellent hotels near the National Air and Space Museum, and many are also near all the other worthwhile landmarks in the capital.  Pick the one that suits you best and make a reservation today.