Next door to the Washington Court Hotel is the Union Station Shopping Center. Here guests will have a chance to search for souvenirs among such stores as Alamo Flags, Godiva Chocolatier, and Kashmir Imports. Back...

Hotels near Union Station Shopping Center & Guide

Union Station Shopping Center in Washington DC

Union Station a major hub for travel in and out of Washington D.C., but shoppers often seek hotels near Union Station Shopping Center in Washington DC to be close to the stores. If shopping is on your itinerary, this is not an area to overlook.

 An American Landmark

 Union Station is well known for being the major transportation hub of Washington D.C., serving both the in city metro and of course the constant flow of passenger trains.  What may come as a surprise however is that is has as rich a history as any of the other major American landmarks in the city.  The first major structure to ever be built of Bethel granite, it saw its first arrival in 1907.  Shortly after, in 1909, President Taft became the first president to use the Presidential Suite, but he was far from the last noteworthy occupant.  Kings and queens from many major nations were greeted in the very same hall over the years.  In 1911, JP Morgan broke the land speed record for train travel leaving from Union Station.  A candidate as a Cold War Bomb Shelter and home to the famous Serviceman’s Canteen, it remains a testament to the strength and endurance of its home city.

 A Modern Icon

 Imagine a building with that kind of history that still functions today as a modern, economical giant.  Putting aside the tens of thousands of passengers that use it for the Metro line and train trips, it house over 100 specialty shops and more than 35 places to eat.  Select from any one of the hotels near the Union Station Shopping Center in Washington DC, and you will be minutes from not only shopping, transportation, and great food, but also the headquarters of Amtrak and a plethora of excellent services.  And in case that wasn’t enough, Union Station Shopping Center hosts free concerts, art exhibits, and other great events as well.  From the arrival of the Baltimore and Ohio Pittsburgh Express in its first year to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s 70th birthday, this station is so much more than just another way to get around the capital.