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Hotels near Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Hotels near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial are close to many important Washington D.C. attractions and memorials. One that sees many visitor is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

 In Memory of Service

 In 1955, a controversial war against the Communist forces in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia began.  Over the 20 years that it raged, until the fall of Saigon, brave men and women dedicated themselves to its cause and far too many lost their lives in the pursuit of freedom, victory, and honor. To honor this sacrifice, to ensure that the generations that followed would always remember the terrible cost of the Vietnam War and those that bravely paid it, a wall was built in the heart of Washington D.C. in the fall of 1982.  On its 246-foot length, the names of over 58,000 service men and women are written in full.  Each one is a memorial to someone who was willing to give his or her life for America, fighting in defense of the noble ideals that it represents.  It has become one of the most important landmarks of the city and a visit to the capital wouldn’t be complete without stopping to pay tribute to those it stands in memory of.

 An Important Experience

 Ensure that you add this important historic experience to your itinerary on your next trip into D.C. by choosing any one of the excellent hotels near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  Once you have and the friendly, well-trained staff has you settled in to your room, take a walk or a short ride on the Metro to the memorial and honor those that gave everything for their country.

 Start your visit with the Vietnam Women’s Memorial, a beautiful set of statues built and commemorated in 1993 in memory of the noble women who served as nurses during the war.  Next, walk over to the Three Soldiers statue that provides a doorway to the immensity of the main memorial and gives a glimpse into history in the immortal faces of its young servicemen.

In the words of Frederick Hart, the Three Soldiers architect, “’I see the wall as a kind of ocean, a sea of sacrifice that is overwhelming and nearly incomprehensible in the sweep of names. I place these figures upon the shore of that sea, gazing upon it, standing vigil before it, reflecting the human face of it, the human heart.”  Finally, stand before the wall and, as you read the names etched on it, maybe even recognizing a few, you will understand how perfectly chosen those words were.

 A Historic Visit

 This emotional memorial is just one of the life changing landmarks you will find in Washington D.C.  Stay at one of the hotels near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and be in the best location to visit all of them.  A relaxing and beautiful walk from the wall will bring you to the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean and World War II Memorials, the White House and the Smithsonian, the Washington Memorial and the National Mall, all connected by the same park.  Where else can you witness such profound history from the elegance of a single hotel room and all on foot?  Visit D.C. today and see the true heart of America.