Home of the President of the United States, the White House is a must-see attraction and is conveniently a few blocks from Willard InterContinental Washington Hotel. View this majestic property and other Washington...
When you make your reservation with the W Washington DC, the only person who will be sleeping closer to the White House will be the President himself.  One block, just one third of a mile, from the front doors,...

Hotels near the White House & Travel Guide

Hotels near the White House

 It’s no surprise that the White House, home of the current U.S. president, is a main attraction in the District of Columbia, so finding hotels near the White House is the goal of most visitors. Elegance and luxury become key terms when describing the hotels near this esteemed site.

 Building a History

 The first President of the United States of America chose the spot for what would be his and his successors’ home in 1792, though he would never actually reside there.  Designed by Irish architect James Hoben, who won a contest with his design, the building took eight years to reach a point at which President John Adams and his wife could move in.  When the British set fire to it during the War of 1812, Hoban was once again recruited to construct the President’s home.

 Throughout the terms of the Presidents who followed, the White House was expanded and rearranged, the last major renovation being commissioned by President Harry S. Truman, one which completely rebuilt the interior only keeping the original walls intact.  Though the scenery around this historic building has changed even more dramatically in the last 214 years than the building has, it remains the same iconic representative of both the U.S. governmental power and the American spirit.  Witness all the history, and majesty, of the Executive Mansion by choosing from any one of the excellent hotels near the White House and taking a tour of its grounds and halls.

 A Historical Building

 President Jefferson was the first resident of the White House to open it up to the public, and it has remained available to the American people since. Though tours have been recently restricted, requiring that a request be submitted through a Member of Congress and all visitors have a Government-approved ID, President Obama believed it was important to continue this tradition. He not only opened the East Wing to visitors but, if you qualify, you can also tour the famous West Wing as well.  An East Wing tour starts in the East Colonnade and then continues into the East Garden Room.  Once you head upstairs, you can view all the history and art at your leisure in the Green, Blue and Red Rooms.  The West Wing tour is actually guided by the knowledgeable White House staff and includes the President’s Hall and the Oval Office.  And if you stay with any of the hotels near the White House, the process to get the tour scheduled will be the hardest part of your trip.  Most hotels are walking distance from the front lawn of the President’s Palace, so there will be no chance that you miss your tour time.

 The Bigger Picture

 The White House remains an important part of American culture and history, but it is far from the only one in the city.  Right outside its front doors, and in the same stretch of parks, are other significant landmarks like the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the National Mall.  All of that history is all in one place and it can all be added to the memories you collect when you’re travelling to the capital.  All you have to do is pick any one of the high-quality hotels near the White House and you will be on your way.